Roch 43 Slim Digital LED TV
Roch 43 Slim Digital LED TV


Tested with a 25mm and 40mm (3,000×27,000), 4K Ultra HD.

What you’ll need

Tin light with a 50W LED (2,000-3,000v), 9V power supply (A/C/Dis), 2 x 2cm dimming panels (with 1mm in/2cm diameter).

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Roch 43 Slim Digital LED TV

To fully utilize the digital format, select the RGB colour (blue) on the left to highlight that. Alternatively, you can select the RGB colour (yellow) by holding down the home button on the screen:

Select “Advanced” or “View All” to find out which colour is being used.

You’ll then need to enable a screen with the corresponding RGB color: (Ctrl + F, Space/R, Ctrl + V, Ctrl + C, C, L, Space/R, Shift+S)

The only way to use the digital format is to use a 4K Tilt LCD or a 4K VGA LCD